How to better manage your energy usage

How to better manage your energy usage

With energy costs showing no signs of falling and with the operational benefits it offers, there is clear business benefit to better managing your energy use. The questions is where to start?

As with most areas of business the key to managing energy costs is monitoring and accountability. By making someone responsible for monitoring and controlling spend on energy as well as for researching and testing energy saving tools and techniques, you are likely to have a much better outcome. Having this level of accountability also avoids the situation whereby no one is sure how much is being spent on energy, or how many savings can be made.

It’s also important to understand where you’re starting from so analyse your current use levels before embarking on any reduction strategy. Consider asking your energy supplier to audit your current use or look for a cloud-based analytics tool that can provide you with actionable insights into your usage.

While doing this, think about the easy wins you could achieve throughout your business. For example, turn lights off when rooms aren’t in use, power down computers, monitors, printers and other devices each evening, and open blinds to take advantage of natural daylight where possible.

If you haven’t already, upgrading to energy-efficient lighting is also recommended. As well as saving energy they also have a longer lifespan than older generation bulbs, making them a good long-term choice.

Also when it comes to lighting, consider installing motion detectors so lights only power up when someone is using a particular space.

Consider alternative and renewable energy sources. This could either mean buying from a green energy supplier or, if you own your premises, installing renewable energy technology such as solar panels. While the latter is clearly a longer-term investment, both options can shelter your business from the uncertainty around fossil fuel prices, making it easier to plan your energy usage and needs.

Finally, keep your HVAC systems running smoothly. Regularly change filters and make sure units are checked and maintained. Keep areas in front of the vents free from blockages such as furniture or paper as these barriers can significantly increase the amount of energy required to distribute air.

Following these guidelines will help you become more energy efficient while ensuring reducing energy use becomes the company mindset. To find out more ways in which you can reduce energy use across an organisation.

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