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Bank of America

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  • July 26, 2016

At around 585,000 square feet, Bank of America’s London HQ, based in Canary Wharf, is an impressive building. When the decision was made to undergo a major floor and plant fitout, refurbishment specialist Overbury and contractors MJL called on Syscom to assist with the BMS install.




Major Floor & Plant Fitout




Overbury & MJL’s

Syscom supplied three floors of terminal units, with each floor having its own air handling unit plant and FCUs/VAVs. A Siemens PX/RX System was also incorporated into the design with everything integrating into the existing Siemens Desigo system. This allows BoA to reduce their energy usage by linking, controlling and monitoring a variety of different functions and building disciplines while also ensuring it is simple for users to maintain an optimum room environment.

The project took place over 15 months, during which time the financial giant’s office continued to be in use. This meant we had to maintain comfort and critical control conditions on all floors. Despite this added challenge, the project was completed to the client’s satisfaction.

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