BMS Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

BMS Service and Maintenance

At Syscom, we offer a full BMS service and maintenance facility (including various levels of Comprehensive cover), a dedicated 24-hour call-out BMS service, an office technical helpline and remote off-site dial-up facility for numerous BMS/Control manufacturers and other major systems available in the UK.

Our BMS maintenance procedures are performed by trained personnel, to a structure designed to meet the client’s individual requirements. We undertake annual, monthly or weekly BMS service visits, although we will work to any time scale necessary to keep the system in good working order.

We include repair or replacement of faulty equipment as and when it becomes necessary or as part of a BMS maintenance agreement.

Emergency call outs are tailored to suit the requirements of the site facilities, priced as a separate entity or as part of a BMS maintenance agreement.

By having the correct procedures and associated hardware in place, technical support of your system becomes an additional source of assistance to on-site engineers. Technical support can be either via phone, modem, or as on-site attendance.

We will update and maintain system documentation to the latest system build as part of a maintenance agreement. The validity of existing site documentation will be checked as a separate item if requested.

Our Process

  •  Various levels of comprehensive cover.
  • Annual, monthly or weekly BMS service visits.
  • Flexible approach to meet individual requirements.
  •  Experienced, fully trained team on hand to help.

Service customers include: