Wireless Metering

Monitor electricity at a circuit level and Improve operational efficiency with Panoramic Power

In the current economic climate, operational efficiency and cost reduction can no longer be an afterthought for your business. Panoramic Power enables you to monitor your organisation’s electricity usage in real time, turning energy into a value-added resource. Through Panoramic Power’s reporting and analytics capabilities, businesses can gain the energy intelligence they need to reduce wasted power and lower their spending on energy.

Panoramic Power uses self-powered, wireless sensors on each circuit that will be monitored. Once installed, the sensors become part of the building infrastructure and will not require any maintenance, service or battery replacement. It is then possible to view the performance of individual sensors, or group them together via the insights and analytics platform, giving you the power to manage your energy consumption, right down to device level, across your entire site.

The insights and analytics platform allow you to:

This in-depth data can help your organisation to build an actionable energy strategy that can be used to take control of your energy usage and asset performance to deliver significant potential savings and meet your environmental objectives while reducing business risk.

This data is accessed via an easy to use web interface and mobile application, with daily/weekly/monthly reports and training also provided.

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